The best lock pick set in the world. We consulted many lock picking experts from around the world to make this set. Whatever your level this set has all the picks you need to pick any pin-cylinder lock.

  • Laser cut 301 steel for durability and sensitivity
  • Dual-gauge picks – clearly marked – no lock too tight, no pins out of reach
  • All the pick you’ll need, no having to add from other sets
  • Various top and bottom of keyway wrenches for total control
  • Supplied in a tough, durable, well ordered case for easy selection

Obstructing warding or difficult to work pins are no longer an issue as you can move between gauges and instantly solve this problem.

This is one serious set of picks, rakes and tension tools, for those serious about lock picking.

What you get:

All of the following picks appear TWICE – once in 0.023″ and once in 0.015″ – with each pick clearly marked with the relevant gauge.

  • Short Hook
  • Medium Hook
  • Deforest Diamond
  • Half Diamond
  • Bogota Rake
  • S-Rake
  • City Rake
  • W Rake

Tension Tools:

  • Dangerfield Z-Wrench
  • Long Twist Wrench
  • Short Standard Wrench
  • Top of Keyway wrench 0.030″
  • Top of Keyway wrench 0.050″

Be the best lock picker you can be, with the best lock pick set available.