Diadem Jewellery is a UK based jeweller with their brick and mortar store located in Altrincham, Cheshire. Diadem Jewellery specialise in beautiful handmade pieces, most of their stock is either handmade in the UK or created in store by their very talented in-house jeweller.

What are your favorite crypto currencies? How long has your business accepted crypto for?

We don’t have any favourites, we’re happy to accept virtually any cryptocurrency if a customer requests it. We’ve always accepted Bitcoin since we first opened our store in 2014 and on our website www.DiademJewellery.co.uk – and we plan on accepting it many years in the future.

What made you accept crypto currency for your business.

For us, accepting Bitcoin was an easy decision as the integration process is relatively quick and easy and as a business you have the flexibility of how you handle that coin once it’s received. For instance you could choose to automatically convert crypto payments back into fiat as soon as the payment has occurred, or the business can choose to keep some, or all of the crypto back for investment purposes. However we stress you should never keep more than you are prepared to lose, and you should always take steps to keep your coins secure. It’s also incredibly quick and cheap to transact in crypto with little fees. From a retailers perspective, you also have the additional security of knowing that once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, it is then irriversible, providing the retailer and the customer with peace of mind.

How has the feedback been?

So far it’s been great. We’ve had no issues receiving payments and the customer receives a smooth journey from product selection to payment confirmation.

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