The Sun Token® started as a sketch by Hector Campos in 2015. It is the first of many designs to escape the sketchbook oven. It started as a small artisan project in the garage to create his own personal smoking toy. After making some more for friends and family, a young brand was born. After much research and design, various prototypes, and self instruction, Hector was hand building Sun Token models that are affordable, rugged, and sustainably built so that anyone who desires one can have one (or two, or three). A business adventure was jump started, and the process to make Sun Tokens is refined and obsessively improved upon to this day.
Each Sun Token is treated with rigorous attention to detail. The wood crafted models mean that each piece is unique from one another. We plan on the Sun Token earning a reputation as one of the most thoughtfully engineered smoking pipes available, and that it will start a whole new class of products called “solar dome pipes”. There are new additions to the Sun Token, and new original products that are currently being explored and designed. We need your help to bring them to life! Each pipe is lovingly hand finished, assembled, and shipped by Hector and his team in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

What are your favourite crypto currencies?

I am new to crypto currencies, I know some of the basic details but am not in deep enough to have a favorite.

How long have your business accepted crypto for?

I just opened my accounts and payment processing for crypto a few months ago.

What made you accept crypto currency for your business

I hope that by learning more, and accepting crypto as payment- I will be able to find new fans and customers that love the Sun Token pipes, in a new and unique market place that I may have never been able to reach before.

How has the feedback been

Feedback for these pipes have ranged from people thinking it is the coolest invention over, an ecological savior, and “the future”. As well as people sending hate mail, and calling it “new age hippy shit”. Like any amazing new product with a unique vision behind it- I am going to find lovers and haters. So far I am excited to see where this young brand goes, I am trying to break into the market and I think enough people love this pipe to let it happen. I just have to keep refining my product, processes, and continue working with the right people.


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