De Wine Spot is a boutique wine and spirits store based in Brooklyn, which is home to a vast collection of small batch wines, whiskey, and sakes. Over the last couple of years, the store became known for being able to find rare and out of circulation whiskey and scotches on demand. Led by creative, Ilya Dorfman, the team at De Wine Spot are truly taking advantage of the ever-changing world of technology.

What are your favorite crypto currencies?

Bitcoin and Ethereum, for different reasons. Bitcoin is the granddaddy of them all and got us into the crypto in the first place. Ethereum because we think Vitalik Buterin is a genius.

How long has your business accepted crypto for?

About 3-4 years. We host our site on Shopify’s platform and were early adopters of Bitcoin merchants once Shopify made the feature available.

What made you accept crypto currency for your business.

We wanted to give our customers yet another option to pay for our products while treating proceeds as a way of diversifying our assets. We have not sold much of our proceeds and recent crypto rush justified that decision.

How has the feedback been?

Very positive. People that have crypto find it awesome that they can use it to pay for the hooch. Majority of crypto orders carries a much bigger average ticket.

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