Tell us a little about your business

We started selling cannabis seeds in 2002 and have been shipping worldwide ever since. We aim to offer the best prices online with only the best quality cannabis seeds in our store. We pride ourselves on our levels of customer service and the great relationship we have with our customers, many of whom have been shopping with us for over 10 years!


What are your favorite cryptocurrencies?

Our 3 favourite crypto currencies are the ones we have decide to accept – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin


How long has your business accepted crypto for?

We have been accepting Crypto since 2014 and were one of the first online seedbanks to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method


What made you accept cryptocurrency for your business?

There are many reasons we accept crypto as it is especially useful for our industry where the hypocritical banks and often not happy to work with us even though we are operating completely legally

*Low transaction fees

*Protection from fraudsters who use credit cards

*Security and confidentiality for our customers

*Sticking it to the man by not using the outdated banking system


How has the feedback been?

We love crypto, our customers love crypto. Its easy for us to accept and it protects us and our customers. IT IS THE FUTURE!


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