is a Dutch hosting provider located in Rotterdam. has been active in the hosting industry since 2011. Their purpose as a company is to deliver fast Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting services and to make it easy for people to run their business by offering the right solution for every need.

What are your favorite cryptocurrencies?

– We like Bitcoin because it is a leading cryptocurrency.

– Ethereum, because the development platform has made it possible for other developers to easily use Blockchain technology.

– Monero, because they are focused on privacy and traceability.

How long has your business accepted crypto for?

We are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method since 2011. We started accepting other altcoins in 2017.

What made you accept cryptocurrency for your business?

We wanted to offer our customers a variety of payment methods that are fast and safe. Cryptocurrencies have fast international transfers with low fees. Payments that are made with cryptocurrencies cannot be canceled so as a business owner it keeps us safe from chargebacks. Cryptocurrencies offer many benefits to both customers and business owners.

How has the feedback been?

The feedback has been well, the payments with cryptocurrencies have been increased.

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