Sheldon Trinity is a company founded by business man – Tim Johnson on the 5th April 2016 in Hamburg, Germany with myself as CEO. Sheldon Trinity was founded solely for the purpose of creating platforms for people to earn, spend and invest cryptocurrency. So far, we have created and still creating new platforms for people to spend cryptocurrency which are Sheldon Store ( for dollar denominated products and Sheldon Store EU ( for Euro denominated products serving customers in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We are working on opening stores for customers in Canada and Brazil in the next couple of months. However, our next project is a digital marketplace for anyone to buy and sell digital products ranging from music, podcasts, videos, photos, pdf, mobile recharge pins and a whole lot of others and get paid in Cryptocurrency, Paypal or bank transfers. This we believe will make it easy for almost anyone to earn cryptocurrencies which in turn will increase worldwide crypto adoption. We are starting a fund raiser to help us raise funds for this project soon and hopefully getting it up and running in a few months.

What are your favourite crypto currencies?

I believe I speak for everyone here at Sheldon Trinity when I say Dogecoin and Bytecoin are our favorite coins. We believe there is a lot more to a coin than just decentralization, transaction speed, privacy and the rest. These are the reasons we love Dogecoin:
(i). Security: We have never heard of any incidence where Millions of dollars in Dogecoin were stolen. There may have been a few we don’t know about but we have never heard of such events. It may not be the safest coin but we feel safe dealing with Dogecoin.
(ii) Wallets: Doge wallets are usually very stable. It is very rare seeing or hearing Dogecoin wallets are offline, under maintenance or disabled on exchanges or having difficulties syncing on mobile and desktop.
(iii) Price Stability: Unlike most coins out there with price changes up to 30% or -30% in a day, Dogecoin prices rise and fall slowly which makes it great for businesses like ours to make better decisions and better planing.
(iv) Low Transaction Fees: Moving Dogecoin from place to place is cheap which makes it great for businesses like ours, rather than spending up to 10% of total income on transaction fees.
(v) Coins In Circulation: Maybe not very important but we just love the feeling of having millions of Dogecoins in our wallet.
(i) Coins In Circulation: Same as for Dogecoin
(ii) Price Stability: Same as for Dogecoin
(iii) Low Transaction Fees: Same as for Dogecoin
(iv) Speculation: We have come to learn that Bytecoin users, unlike other coins don’t just buy Bytecoin and wait for prices to rise, they are equally interested in spending their coins on real life items without having to exchange to Bitcoin first. You can see that in sales records we have released in the past on our Twitter page with Bytecoin being the highest spent coin both on Sheldon Store and Sheldon Store EU for over 5 months, consecutively.
(v) The Team: Apart from the coin, the Bytecoin team is made of wonderful individuals. They are the only coin we know of where the team members are actually interested in seeing businesses that accept Bytecoin grow and are willing to support in any way they can. They also have a very wonderful and lively Telegram group with the nicest and most resourceful Telegram admins we have ever come accross. Bytecoin is not just a coin, Bytecoin is family.

How long has your business accepted crypto for?

We have been accepting cryptocurrencies for over a year now.

What made you accept crypto currency for your business

We started accepting cryptocurrency for so many reasons which include but not limited to:
(i) We wanted to give the “Currency” in cryptocurrency its true meaning, a means of exchange for goods and services. Most people engage with cryptocurrencies just to see the prices go up and forget that they can actually get other things done with it.
(ii) Fast, secure borderless transactions. By accepting cryptocurrencies, our customer base has grown into new territories. Our customers transact with us with ease regardless of location.
(iii) We hated the fact that all altcoins had to go through Bitcoin before they can be spent, thus bringing about ridiculous exchange fees from alt to fiat currencies. Now customers can get the same fiat value as they have with their altcoins.
(iv) We want to see a world where cryptocurrency is used to pay for almost anything, from plane tickets to electricity bills to medical bills, insurance and all. We are already on our way and it would be just a matter of time.

How has the feedback been?

The feedback has been incredible. Through our store, we have learnt that people engage with altcoins more than they do Bitcoin. They just need products and services they consider valuable and they will spend their coins on those items.