Super Byte Hosting is one of the Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Domain provider in India. Super Byte Hosting is highly specialized Computing and Fully Managed Server provider in India. We have been able to leverage our immense experience and cutting edge technology to provide a practical and working solution for Our customers in Different countries.

Super Byte Hosting Started in 2009 and started working in application and web development field. In 2015 Super Byte Hosting got registered Web Hosting Company and Today we are serving more and more everyday.

What are your favourite crypto currencies?

I love all crypto currencies but my all time favourites are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and LiteCoin (LTC).

How long have your business accepted crypto for?

We have started accepting crypto from last April 2017. So its been 1 year completed.

What made you accept crypto currency for your business

I saw that there are many merchants in different businesses that are accepting crypto but did not see any Web Hosting company accepting any kind of crypto payments. So I thought why don’t I give an option to people around the world to buy Domain and Web Hosting services from their trusted Crypto Currency. Also, My company was the first of its kind that launched fully automated crypto currency where clients automatically see their invoice converting to their selected crypto and to be able to send crypto without any third party escrow services with fully encrypted transactions.

How has the feedback been?

The feedback is amazing since I started accepting crypto payments. I am accepting more than 100 different ways for payment but since I started accepting crypto payments, all other gateway is just for a showcase.

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